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    Warning: Recruitment Fraud

    Several incidents involving organisations and individuals fraudulently claiming to recruit on behalf of the OECD have recently been identified.
    The goals of such fraudulent efforts may include extorting money or personal details from candidates by asking for payment or personal and financial information. Please be advised that the OECD, or any individual working on behalf of the Organisation for recruitment purposes will never request payment nor will the Organisation ask for financial information during the recruitment process. We take this situation very seriously and implement all possible measures to identify and stop this type of fraud. 
    Please find below some prevention tips that you should keep in mind: 
    ?   Consult and apply for job opportunities on our dedicated recruitment website. This website is the only authorised means to apply for a job vacancy at the OECD.
    ?   Do not make any payments in relation to a proposed OECD recruitment process.
    ?   Do not disclose personal or financial information to an unknown party.
    ?   Do not respond to unsolicited or suspicious job offers.
    The OECD may occasionally use the services of other websites or recruitment services to promote our vacancies and to identify potential candidates. If you become aware of any such activity and wish to confirm the validity of such services, please email recruitment@oecd.org.

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    Looking for an internship?



    The OECD recruits Interns on an on-going basis and applications are accepted throughout the year.


    Young Professionals Programme

    © OECD

    • We are currently reviewing the format of the Young Professionals Programme. An update will be available in 2020.

    Young Associates Programme

    © OECD

    • If you are a current or recent undergraduate student and want to gain substantive work experience in public policy development before pursuing graduate studies, this is the programme for you!

    • Application is now closed for the YAP 2020-22 Round. Thank you to all candidates who applied!

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