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  • 15-October-2018


  • 11-May-2018


    Bahrain joins the Inclusive Framework on BEPS

    Bahrain has become the 115th jurisdiction to join the Inclusive Framework on BEPS (“IF”). The IF was established in January 2016, after the G20 Leaders urged the timely implementation of the BEPS package released in October 2015 and called on the OECD to develop a more inclusive framework with the involvement of interested non-G20 countries and jurisdictions, including developing economies.

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  • 11-May-2016


    Bahrein, Líbano, Nauru, Panamá y Vanuatu se comprometen con la norma internacional sobre intercambio automático de información de cuentas financieras para luchar contra la evasión y la elusión fiscal

    La OCDE y el Foro Global sobre la Transparencia e Intercambio de Información con Fines Fiscales han anunciado hoy que Bahrein, Líbano, Nauru, Panamá y Vanuatu han asumido el compromiso de intercambiar automáticamente información de cuentas financieras con otros países.

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  • 12-September-2011


    Tax: Jurisdictions move towards full tax transparency

    Furthering efforts to fight against international tax evasion and bank secrecy, members of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes have issued 12 new peer review reports.

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  • 10-January-2011

    English, , 137kb

    Economic Prosperity and Social Cohesion: The Role of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, an OECD Perspective

    Read the speech by OECD Deputy Secretary General, Aart de Geus, during the opening session of the 10th International Entrepreneurship Forum, held in Bahrain on 9-11 January 2011.

  • 14-October-2010


    Double Taxation Convention Signed by the Governments of Bahrain and Mexico

    Double Taxation Convention Signed by the Governments of Bahrain and Mexico

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  • 26-July-2010


    Executive Summary

    Over the past five years the MENA region has made a strong commitment to the reform of public governance. What have been the driving forces behind these reforms?

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  • 17-May-2010

    English, , 772kb

    OECD-MENA Women's Business Forum Powerpoint Presentation

    OECD-MENA Women's Business Forum: A Platform for Empowering Women in Business

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  • 8-March-2010


    Strengthening Integrity in the Private Sector in Arab Countries

    The regional workshop on “Strengthening Integrity in the Private Sector in Arab Countries” will be held in Manama, the Kingdom of Bahrain, on 16-17 March 2010. The workshop is hosted by the MENA Centre for Investment under the patronage of the Bahrain Economic Development Board. It is supported through a collaborative effort between the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) MENA Investment Programme and the

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  • 10-July-2009


    Bahrain expands its network of information exchange agreements

    The Kingdom of Bahrain has recently signed double taxation conventions with Bulgaria (26 June 2009) and Austria (2 July 2009) that provide for exchange of information in accordance with the OECD standard. These agreements bring to 12 the number of agreements that Bahrain has signed that meet the OECD standard. As a result, Bahrain can be considered as having substantially implemented the internationally agreed standard in this area.

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