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    Costa Rica

  • 20-February-2020

    English, PDF, 1,316kb

    Digital economy policy in Costa Rica

    This review was conducted in the context of the Costa Rica's roadmap to OECD membership. It evaluates the country's willingness and ability to implement the substantive OECD legal instruments related to digital economy policy, and compares its national policies to OECD best practices.

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  • 20-February-2020

    English, PDF, 875kb

    Consumer policy in Costa Rica

    This report provides an overview of consumer policy in Costa Rica in the context of the country's roadmap to OECD membership. It aims to assess Costa Rica's willingness and ability to implement the substantive OECD legal instruments related to consumer policy, and to evaluate Costa Rica’s policies and practices compared to OECD best practices on consumer issues.

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  • 17-February-2020


    Aid at a glance charts

    These ready-made tables and charts provide for snapshot of aid (Official Development Assistance) for all DAC Members as well as recipient countries and territories. Summary reports by regions (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania) and the world are also available.

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  • 28-January-2020

    English, PDF, 319kb

  • 13-November-2019

    English, PDF, 4,488kb

    Enhancing the Use of Competitive Tendering in Costa Rica’s Public Procurement System

    The report focuses on two technical elements of the regulatory framework that affect the competition level of a procurement system: i) the exceptions to competitive tendering, and ii) the threshold system in place. The analysis demonstrates the impact of both dimensions on Costa Rica’s economy.

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  • 30-July-2019


  • 18-February-2019

    English, PDF, 1,993kb

    Costa Rica: Review of the Insurance System

    This review of Cost Rica by the OECD's Insurance and Private Pensions Committee and Working Party on Governmental Experts on Insurance examines Costa Rica's position with respect to core principles related to insurance systems.

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  • 13-December-2018


    Inequalities in emerging economies: Informing the policy dialogue on inclusive growth

    Statistics Working Paper N. 100 2018/13 - The paper describes inequality trends in selected emerging economies (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa) in a range of monetary (i.e. income) and non-monetary dimensions of people’s life (i.e. education, health status, employment and subjective well-being).

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  • 6-December-2018


    El Secretario General de la OCDE, Ángel Gurría, felicita a Costa Rica por la promulgación de la Ley de Fortalecimiento de las Finanzas Públicas

    La Ley de Fortalecimiento de las Finanzas Públicas contiene medidas muy positivas para el restablecimiento del equilibrio fiscal en Costa Rica y va a permitir detener el crecimiento de la deuda publica en porcentaje del PIB en un futuro próximo.

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  • 4-December-2018

    English, PDF, 545kb

    Good jobs for all in a changing world of work: The new OECD Jobs Strategy – Key findings for Costa Rica

    The digital revolution, globalisation and demographic changes are transforming labour markets at a time when policy makers are also struggling with slow productivity and wage growth and high levels of income inequality. The new OECD Jobs Strategy provides a comprehensive framework and policy recommendations to help countries address these challenges.

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