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    COVID-19 and the global economy

    Country Policy Tracker

    The OECD’s COVID-19 Country Policy Tracker records containment measures as they have been introduced and eased, as well as major fiscal, monetary and structural policy response announcements. The links below provide access to both current and historical data for 51 countries including OECD members and key partners in accessible spreadsheet and CSV file formats.

     Access the tracker 

    Blog Posts


    Economic impacts and consequences of the pandemic

    Global outlook: recent developments & perspectives

    The global economic impacts of COVID-19

    The European economy before & after the pandemic

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    Public Finance Data Portal

    This portal provides data and documents from the OECD and external sources to facilitate public finance research.

    >> Access the Public Finance Data Portal

    Global Forum on Productivity

    The OECD Global Forum on Productivity (GFP) fosters international co-operation between public bodies promoting productivity-enhancing policies. Access the latest research and data on productivity trends and institutions, and follow upcoming events.


    Indicators of Product Market Regulation

    Pro-competition regulation in the markets for goods and services can help boost living standards, can raise output per capita by increasing investment and employment, and can encourage firms to be more innovative and efficient, thereby lifting productivity. To measure countries’ regulatory stance and to track reform progress over time, since 1998 the OECD has been producing a set of indicators of product market regulation (PMR). This set included an economy-wide indicator and a group of indicators that measures regulation at the sector level.

    >> Access the PMR Indicators

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